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Investment Portfolio Management System

Investment Portfolio Management System

An investment portfolio management system (IPMS) is a software application that helps investors and financial advisors manage their portfolios. IPMSs provide a variety of features to help investors track their investments, make informed decisions, and stay on track with their financial goals.


Our IPMS application software tracks and manages investor portfolios. This solutions is used by investment professionals to build, track, and manage their client’s investment portfolios in various type of securities i.e. (PIB, TBILLS & SUKUK). Investment portfolio management software includes investment tracking, investment accounting, reporting, client communication, investment tools, and all the necessary regulatory requirements as required by central bank. This contain module of primary market to enter auctions/bids on behalf of clients which can be further processed to become the part of client portfolio or can be transferred to other banks as per client’s requirement, It also contains secondary market buy/sell modules to process transactions.

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